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Network Switches As you may already have noticed, we don't operate like the other guys. And this is one of the ways we stand out against the competition. Some may instinctively turn away the moment they hear that SSA Host does not have it's own data center, but please read on to find out why. Yes, it's true we don't own our own mega-square-foot facilities - instead we leave that to those who do it best so we can focus on what we do best. We are experts at providing fast, affordable, and reliable webhosting with excellent customer service.

But don't think this puts us in the little leagues either. The data centers we use are all best in class, with multiple carriers, backup power generators, high security and more. We don't settle for run of the mill colocation services at bargain basement prices. We pay top dollar for high-end, high-class service that puts our service on top. This still cuts out a huge overhead in terms of cost, personnel, and more to run our own facility that we have eliminated from the typical business model. This allows us to focus on maintaining the servers, providing excellent customer service, and keeping our prices low.

Network Location: Dallas, TX (DataBank)

Centrally located for faster transit to both the east and west coasts, along with everything inbetween. DataBank is a government-class datacenter located in what used to be the Federal Reserve Building of Dallas. This is one of the most secure datacenters in the world offering biometric hand-scanner access, six utility feeds from the Dallas Central Business District grid, and 24/7/365 on-site security.

This highly secure, fault tolerant, enterprise-class data center is designed to provide 100% uptime for your business applications and IT infrastructure. The DataBank facility features all-fiber connectivity, multiple connections to the power grid, redundant power and cooling systems, and multiple security layers. The most rigorous standards of design, testing and maintenance have been put into this facility to ensure maximum security and uptime for the critical data and applications hosted here. This facilty has multiple key features that allow us to provide solid service to our customers:

  • Six utility feeds from the Dallas Central Business District power grid, featuring reliable N+3 transformers with ATS switches, plus secure, concrete encased building feeds.
  • UPS and Generator Backup Power using true A+B power configurations.
  • All UPS and Generator deployments provide N+1 redundancy provided by:
    • Four 800 KVA MGE UPS systems
    • Two 1200 KVA CAT UPS Systems
    • Four 2.0 megawatt generators
    • Three 1.5 megawatt generators
  • Advanced security maintained through:
    • On site security, 24/7/365
    • Card access required to enter parking and building lobby
    • Biometric hand scanner required for datacenter entry
    • Annual SAS 70 Audits
  • Consistant and precise HVAC Cooling System designed with N+1 redundancy and featuring:
    • 3500 Ton cooling tower capacity
    • A multiplicity of 30 Ton Liebert CRAC Units
    • 80,000 gallon reserve make-up water tank
    • Liebert Leak Detect System
    • Raised flooring

Network Infrastructure


We utilize all Cisco hardware through-out the datacenter. With two border routers, two core routers and redundant links going to each switch on the racks, each step in the network path is completely redundant.


We utilize premium bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 carriers:

  • Global Crossing
  • NTT / Verio
  • Level3
  • Telia


Deploying New Server SSA Host manages its own servers for reliability and security. By utilizing existing, well established data center facilities known for their reliability and quality we can focus on maintaining our own systems to provide for the needs of our customers without the added overhead of also running and managing the facility. Our servers primarily run on the CentOS operating system with dual or quad core processors, ample memory, RAID storage arrays and secure offite backups to safeguard our customers data. Technicians are onsite 24x7 to provide immidiate assistance with hardware or connectivity issues and to perform hot-swaps should any equipment fail. Support personnel are also available 24x7 via our online ticket system, and occasionally through live chat to answer any questions you may have or help resolve any issues you are experiencing with our service or your account.

Our support staff continuously monitor not only each servers availability, but also current resource usage to proactively prevent downtime caused by rogue processes, DDoS attacks, etc.

Each server is fully backed up daily and securely stored offsite for maximum disaster recovery and availability. The last 30 days worth of backups are kept in a geographically separated secure datacenter with the same rigorous security and availability standards. We utilize full hardware and storage array redundancy for our backup systems to further protect your data. Additionally, hourly snapshots are kept via R1Soft's CDP allowing you to restore individual files you accidentally deleted or messed up while editing. These snapshots can be accessed from within your cPanel control panel and restored "on the fly" anytime you need. With multiple terabytes of backup storage capacity currently available and the ability to expand that at any time should the need arise, your data is safe.

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