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Are your VPS accounts fully managed?
No, we do not offer fully managed services, all VPS accounts are semi-managed.  Meaning,...
Can I change the Reverse DNS (rDNS) for my dedicated server?
Yes!  You can manage rDNS for your dedicated server in your server manager. Simply login to...
Can I get Reverse DNS (rDNS) entries for IPs assigned to my VPS?
Yes, we can setup custom reverse DNS entry for you. Once you receive the login information for...
Can I install applications or software on my VPS?
Yes, with a VPS you have the freedom just like you would with a dedicated server with one...
Can I run cron jobs on your VPS?
Yes, you will have full root access to your VPS and can setup scheduled tasks to be executed by...
Can I run my own mailserver on a VPS?
Yes. MTA can be installed and used inside the VPS. Also the following MTA's will be...
Do you allow reselling?
You are welcome to resell our VPS servers, but you will be responsible for support of those...
Do you have a firewall filtering traffic on your entire network?
We do not filter any traffic (except IRC) to or from hosted VPS's. We would advise you to...
Do you offer custom VPS orders?
No, we do not currently offer custom orders outside of the available add-ons such as additional...
How can I connect via SSH without Java?
If you use MS Windows we suggest getting Putty from...
How can I get APF installed and running on a VPS?
To get APF working in your VPS please switch SET_MONOKERN option from "0" to...
How do I add IP addresses to my cPanel server?
Log in to cPanel Web Host Manager (WHM) as root. Click IP Functions. Click Rebuild the IP...
How do I automatically start a service after a reboot?
Red Hat and Red Hat based Linux distributions (such as CentOS used on our VPS accounts) make use...
How do I change the password for my DirectAdmin account
Login to the console via SSH as root or the admin user and type in: passwd admin
How do I find and kill high-CPU processes?
If you notice your CPU usage is going into the red, the easiest way to find out what is taking...
How do I setup my VPS to use quotas?
All our VPS's come with disk quota support enabled. There is no need to reconfigure anything...
How do I update yum to install the latest versions of my software?
You can run: yum check-update to see a list of updates available for installed applications...
How many TCP connections are there on each VPS plan?
VPS-1: 540 VPS-1: 1440 VPS-3: 1880 VPS-4: 2160 VPS-5: 3760
How many websites can I run on a single IP?
There are not any per-IP limits... Maximum number of hosted websites mostly depends on nature of...
I've never run a VPS before. Is there anything I should know?
The only difference is that with a VPS you will have more control. VPS has full root access so...
Is DNS built into the server or provided by you?
With our VPS plans, DNS Management is done by the VPS owner. If your VPS comes with control...
Is it possible to automatically reboot the VPS?
To automatically reboot (such as every night or early morning when traffic is low) you can...
Is it possible to change the control panel I chose when I ordered?
Yes, but it will require complete VPS recreation so all current information in your VPS will be...
Web Hosting General Information
Helpful Web Hosting Resources Web Hosting General Information WebHostGear: Tutorials, news...
What is Burst RAM?
Burst RAM is the maximum amount of RAM you can receive when the physical resources are available.
What resource limits do VPS accounts have?
VPS resource limits such as RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth depends on the hosting plan. CPU time...
What types of backups do you provide?
Backups for all Virtual Private Servers we host are created every other day. VPS backups are not...
What virtualization platform/software do you use for your VPS?
We use Virtuozzo 3.0 based on the 2.6 Linux kernel.

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