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How do I use an email program to check mail?

You can configure an email software such as Outlook Express to check your email via POP3 so that you don't have to login to webmail to check your messages. You can automatically configure Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express via cPanel. To do this, login to the cPanel for your domain.

Once in cPanel, click on the Add/Remove Email Accounts icon, then click on the Outlook (Express) AutoConfig link for the email address you wish to configure.

If you are using some other email software, you can manually add a pop3 account by entering the information below: (replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name, of course)

Incoming mail (POP3 Server) mail.yourdomain.com

Outgoing mail (SMTP Server) mail.yourdomain.com (Or use your ISP's outgoing mailserver)

Account name (Or login name): Refer to the login name for the account under the Add/Remove Email Accounts link in cPanel (See above) Usually it is your full email address.

Note: If you are using your server for your outgoing mail, you must enable authentication for outgoing mail otherwise you will receive errors when attempting to send emails. Also note that some ISPs may block outgoing SMTP connection except to their own mailservers. You can try enabling secure connections (SSL or TLS) in your email client for SMTP and change the SMTP port from 25 to 465. If this still fails, you may need to verify with your ISP if using an external SMTP server is allowed - or configure your client to use your ISPs outgoing mailserver, and our incoming.

For further help with this, please contact our technical support via the support contact form. Be sure to let them know what email software you are trying to setup.

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