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FrontPage Troubleshooting

Can not install FrontPage Extensions.

The most common error when activating FrontPage extensions is that the installation is completed but there is a previous file .htaccess in the folder which you install the extensions.

In this case you have to uninstall the FrontPage extensions (via the button "Uninstall Extensions"), after that you have to clean up the old extensions (with the button "Clean Up Old Extensions") and install the FrontPage extensions again.

FrontPage extensions

Uploading to domain and subdomain.

When you are publishing a site in your primary domain (root folder "public_html/") it is important to add "www" before your domain name, for example: you have the domain name "abc.com", when publishing your site you have to type the full URL www.abc.com

When you are publishing a webpage in a subdomain (for example: "alpha.abc.com") you should enter it without "www" i.e. alpha.abc.com

Uploading Forms.

If you are creating a webpage with forms (radio button, checkbox, etc.) it is necessary to publish (upload) the webpage only through FrontPage Extensions. Using other ways to upload your webpage like an FTP Client or the File Manager will cause your site not to work with the forms.

Uploading without installing FrontPage Extensions.

If you try to publish your webpage on the server without installing FrontPage Extensions and after that you realize your mistake, activate the FrontPage Extensions and try to publish it again, it is most likely that your second try does not succeed even if the extensions have already been installed. In this case you have to uninstall the extensions, clear the old extensions too, clean up the cache of your browser and restart your computer before you try to publish your webpage again.

I get "Server rejected your username and password" when trying to publish my website.

Please, make sure that you are using the correct username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can restore or change it via your Client Area under the services page, and click the manage icon for the hosting account you need to change, then use the change password option. This will reset the whole cPanel password. If you are still experiencing the same difficulties, please login again to cPanel -> FrontPage extensions, click on "Uninstall Extensions" and then "Clean Up Old Extensions" button and install it once again. The FrontPage extensions are very sensitive and even the slightest permission change can cause them not to work.

The images on my site do not show.

The issue is most probably caused by enabled "HotLink" protection. Please, login to your cPanel -> HotLink Protection and disable the protection by clicking on the "Disable" button.

If you are still unable to see your images, please right click on one of them (there should be a big red 'x' on the place where they are supposed to be - right click there) and select "Properties", then verify that the image path is correct and that there is an image in that folder.

Finally, if there is a image file there, and the HotLink protection is disabled, it might be a permissions issue. Please, either use the cPanel -> FileManager to change the permissions of the file (to 755 for example) or connect using your favorite FTP client and change it from there.

There are "Strange Files" on my site.

If you log into your site with plain FTP and find some directories (for example: _vti* ) and files (for example: .htaccess ) that you did not upload, do not delete them. They belong there, and you will damage the FrontPage extensions if you remove them.


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