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Can I setup a cPanel demo?
Yes, to setup a demo account you need to: a) Create a new account through WHM >> Account...
Does the RVSkin include anything for WHM?
RVskin is all about the end user control panel, the package doesn't include anything for WHM.
Enable register globals for single domain
How to enable register_globals for a single website without putting the entire server security at...
Error from park wrapper: domain.com is already configured
Error from park wrapper: domain.com is already configured On a cPanel server if you get the...
How do I add IP addresses to my cPanel server?
Log in to cPanel Web Host Manager (WHM) as root. Click IP Functions. Click Rebuild the IP...
How do I add the GD image library via cPanel/WHM?
The GD Image Library needs to be compiled with Apache and this can easily be done through WHM on...
How do I change my server password?
The root password can be changed at WHM >> Change Root Password. Passwords for end user...
How do I change the IP on an account?
You can change the static IP assigned to an account in WHM by going to Account Functions >...
How do I create a new account in WHM?
To create a new account go to WHM >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account. After...
How do I enable AWStats?
You can enable / disable stats programs at WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak...
How do I enable GD?
In default cPanel/WHM installation GD support in PHP is disabled. You can enable using the...
How do I enable IMAP c-client libraries?
Apache/PHP recompilation with IMAP (c-client) support is a straight forward procedure - all that...
How do I get the latest version of PHP installed?
By default cPanel comes with PHP 4.4.x, upgrade to PHP 5.x is a simple and straight forward...
How do I install Curl, and Curl with SSL?
Login to your WHM and go to Software -> Apache Update. Accept the defaults (or chose "Load...
How do I limit bandwidth for a cPanel account?
CPanel allows you to setup per-account bandwidth limits.  As soon as the bandwidth limit is...
How do I upgrade MySQL and PHP?
MySQL and PHP upgrade on cPanel is a very simple process, here is a list of steps that needs to...
I can't find mailman or an option for mailing lists
Please make sure that mailman is enabled at WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak...
Updating Apache using cPanel EasyApache
EasyApache is a pre configured script that allows you to easily update Apache Web server through...
What do I put in the resolver configuration in WHM?
If you do not have preferred DNS resolvers to use, you can leave the default IP's in resolver...
Where can I find the log files as root?
On cPanel servers all access logs are located inside the /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ directory, so...

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