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How do I install or use SSL?

There are 2 basic options for using SSL (secure socket layer) with your website.


The first is shared SSL.  Each server supports shared SSL with a basic encryption-only certificate.  The URL would be that of the server appended with ~ then your username.  For example: If your account is on server2 and your username is myweb - you would use the SSL address: https://server2.ssahost.com/~myweb

This will allow people to view your website over an encrypted connection, but the SSL details will be that of SSA Host, not your own.


For higher security needs and for a better image by serving up a page secured by a certificate with your own name or company name on it you will need to purchase and isntall an SSL certificate of your own.  Additionally, your hosting account will need it's own static IP address. 


To get started:

Login to your client area and view the details of your hosting account where you will have the option of upgrading/downgrading your account and adding add-on options.  From there, you can add a dedicated IP address to your account.

Next, you will need to purcahse an SSL certificate - there are many options available and you can use a certificate purchased elsewhere or you can purchase it from us.   Click here for details on our SSL certificates.  If you purchase from us, you can simply open a ticket once the order is placed requesting installation on your domain (be sure you already purchased an IP and tell us which account it's for if you have multiple)  we will handle the rest of the installation for you.

If you want to handle setting up and installing it yourself, you will need to access the SSL/TLS Manager in your cPanel once you have a dedicated IP, and follow the instructions listed there for installing the certificate.


As always, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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